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The PROTIR barb was designed and engineered to minimize fish loss and extend the lifespan of spearfishing shafts.

Similar to a detachable point (slip-tip), the fish is pierced by the line, not the shaft. Therefore, it cannot leverage against it to free itself. Only the barb detaches.

Once the fish is in hand, the shaft is easily removed. Simply reverse the barb (see video).

The PROTIR system is installed in place of the original barb. Unlike detachable points which require a specially dedicated threaded shaft, the PROTIR fits on any standard shaft. Note that a minimum distance of 11.5 cm between the barb axis and the speargun head is required. See FAQ for details.

There is a kit for each shaft diameter: 6.5 - 7 - 7.5 and 8 mm. Choice of Dyneema 400 kg braided line or stainless steel cable with sleeves (for coral environments).


Its advantages (compared to slip tips):

  • Prevents frequent play between the two parts of the slip tip.

  • Prevents the shaft from twisting during heavy strikes.

  • Stays securely in place thanks to the O-ring. (unlike slip-tips which can detach inadvertently).

  • Reduced costs. It does not require the purchase of the "threaded shaft + detachable point" set, which is usually very expensive.

Click here to see the comparison table
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