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  • Do we have to know how to tinker to install the PROTIR system?
  • How do I know if I can install the PROTIR on my shaft?
    Several points should be checked: The condition of my shaft: it must be in good shape, straight as on the first day and above all not bent. Its diameter: 6.5 mm, 7 mm, 7.5 mm or 8 mm. These are the classic diameters of commercial shafts. The measurement can be done very precisely with a caliper. If you find an intermediate measurement for example, 7.2mm do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you choose the best model The distance between the axis and the muzzle must be at least 12 cm. if these conditions are met, you can install the PROTIR on your shaft 👍
  • How do I know if the PROTIR axis will go well on my shaft?
    For all commercial shafts, the hole for the shaft of has a diameter between 2mm and 2.5mm. 2 axis models are provided in the kit. Spot them well. Begin by inserting the thinner of the two. (this is the one that will go in the majority of cases). He must come back strong. If you find that it fits too easily then you should use the larger model.
  • Important: Position the axis as shown before inserting it into the hole.
    The axis of the PROTIR is what is called a "spring pin". In fact, it is a mini stainless steel tube split along its length. It is recommended to position the axle with the slot on the arrow tip side as shown in the image below.
  • Is it easier to replace than a classic barb?
    Yes, it's easier because there's no axis to hammer. If you have ever replaced a shaft barb, you will easily know how to install the PROTIR.
  • Example for a 7.5mm double barb shaft.
    1 Remove the axis and the barb. 2 Put the slider 3 Use the more adapted axis.
  • Can the PROTIR be installed on an smaller diameter shaft than that provided? for example the 7.5 model on a 7 mm shaft.
    Technically yes it is possible but it will not fit well. There will be gap and that's not a good thing. Indeed, it has happened for other detachable systems that fine fish scales jam the slider and prevent ejection. It is for this reason that PROTIR slides closer to the shaft with only 1/10th of a mm of margin. It is therefore preferable to have the model provided for each diameter.
  • What does "Full Length Spliced Braid" mean?
    The braid connects the slider to the barb. In order to avoid making knots, the line is spliced. The principle is simple: bring the braid into itself. This video explains everything.
  • Tip: put a strip of adhesive on the shaft.
    We recommend placing 2 or 3 wraps of adhesive tape on the arrow as in the photo below. This prevents the slider from backing up to the knot and attempting the braid. it works great.
  • Why is the PROTIR so strong?
    The barb and the slide ring are machined by a CNC milling machine in a block of 316 stainless steel. This is the guarantee of obtaining a system perfectly adapted to the shape of the shaft and optimal penetration. There is no welding.
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