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Jean Christophe, BOYS OF DAKAR

RA 120.

PROTIR mounted on boom 7.5.

Perfect for Wahoos and large barracudas

Thierry in Madagascar.

7,5 and 8 mm shafts. 

"PROTIR is perfect for powerful fish with fragile flesh"

Fabrice in Sulawesi.

7.5 mm shaft.

"PROTIR means guaranteed catches"

Laurent in the Calanques of Marseille.

6,5mm shaft.  

"Without the PROTIR system, I will have lost this beautiful bluefish for sure". 


Eren in Greece.  

7mm shaft.

"Dentex Sinarit for ever"


Steph in Marseille.

7mm shaft.

"Very effective once again"


Arsene in Bali.

8 mm shaft.

"PRO-TIR is awesome, folks! Since I installed it, all my shafts remain intact! and so much the better because here they are really expensive.

With Fab at The Réunion Island. 

8mm shafts

"Even badly shot, this tuna was lost in advance.

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